PROTECTIONDETAIL car cleaning in wrexham

FROM £150

Protect your investment from the word go with one of our protection details.

When you buy a car you will always have that person telling you there is some sort of miracle coating that will stop bullets from staining the carpet and anything from damaging your paintwork. Just like that old saying if something sounds to good to be true it normally is, Well it is.

So what is a new car detail well we will tell you, First off a pre wash is applied covering the whole vehicle in a foam or traffic film remover (depending how dirty the vehicle is ) which is left to dwell dragging the dirt off the vehicle. Next the wheels are cleaned with a non acidic wheel cleaner and agitated to release any further dirt then rinsed clean.


Then the rest of the body is rinsed off followed by a two bucket wash with grit guards to protect to paint from the dirt taken off, After the whole body has been washed it is then rinsed including the door and boot shuts and then dried with a microfiber drying towel and spray detailer.

Once dried the glass is cleaned and the tyres are dressed.


Then we move on to the protection part we apply two coats of polymer sealant to the paintwork then we follow that by a coat of high grade carnauba wax to make it shine! 

Now the interior,

first off the plastics are cleaned and dressed then we vacuum the seats and carpets to ensure they are clean after that we apply fabric protectant to the carpets and seats for leather seats we clean and feed them with leather protectant.

car cleaning in wrexham


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